Equal Money System FAQ 25 – Media and Spreading the Message of Equality

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2012 Interesting Quotes “The System of Time”

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Please note that the moment any one allows time to be the master, it traps all in time and this happens only when ego is so extensive in control that the being submit to it to have more peace and less stress as then they can live their lives in the faith that it will someday change—unfortunately this traps everyone else as well and then the conflicts start to emerge, as those that compress time to bring about transformation, will be the catalysts through which this peace will end and then the challenges that could have been directed will happen in ways unpredicted with much more impact and pain – do not trap yourself in time, because time knows no mercy –Be the directive principle and force time that you may be the force as life that direct life and that you do not allow time to direct life. As a bizarre analogy – Banks use time to regulate money and through this create debt that traps everyone in an endless cycle of stress and abuse and greed and competition and survival. This needs to stop as there is no life in the system of time. Time should move with the heartbeat of the physical to support life breath by breath – then we will live and stop watching flow by. Bernard Poolman

2011 New Consumer Protection Act – who are they protecting?

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In April 20011 South Africa will see the implementation of the new ‘Consumer Protection Act’. It is considered that in South Africa we have longed lacked a consolidated law for consumer matters. The new Consumers Act (CPA) will deal with consumer rights in the context of – selecting specific products or services, disclosure of information important to consumers, dishonest practices, quality of goods, unsafe or defected products, warnings, effective instructions. This will place pressure on suppliers to up the quality of products to apparently stop corruption in the production of goods.

I see the Elite business owners of South Africa existent due to a capitalist system which functions on the polarity between of consumer stress and the other polarity which looks like apparent ‘. Therefore have you noticed how in the capitalist system they will aim to clamp down on the corrupt – however corruption is never stopped. All that happens is the public shift their attention onto someone else while the Elite continue making money. As mentioned previously the Capitalist System functions on debt and Fear. If Debt and Fear did not exist, money would not be so easily created and moved. The elite know that man functions on Fear, therefore all that the government have to do is to take a consumer’s fear such as ‘products that are of bad quality’ and shift the point to an apparent solution which will alleviate the tension that has been created in the past few years. Now consumers will feel better for a while because apparently this new law does something – creating the perception of problems within the capitalist System being alleviated. Does it really? Who will pay the price for this law forcing small businesses to get new licenses and upgrade their equipment? Who will suffer are the small business who will now have to close because their products do not meet the CPA standards.

The Business Elite of South Africa simply improvise and upgrade their products to fit in with the law – they already have the money to be able to do this. So the question is – will the real corrupt people as those who generate large sums of money selling useless products as part of mass productions – be affected? No – the Elite business owners know what they are doing and have the resources to shift into a new stance to still be able to make large sums of money. They did not get rich from not getting to know how to manipulate the system and people.

The small business owner will be affected by this and the government knows this. The government as I mentioned is interconnected into and as the economic system of the country which is interconnected with the Elite business owners. Therefore such a law exists to shift the energy and focus of people from one fear into a point people will be satisfied with – while in the meantime the rich get richer of the basic fear which drives consumers. Those who control the money know that money moves based on the experience of people based on Fear. So create enough polarity as fear with the opposite polarity as the solution which makes people feel good – and they keep the Money System functional. At the same time this new law ensures that the small business that cannot ‘make the grade’ in light of this new law – are removed so that the bigger business survive – due to their ability to adapt to the new laws.