2011 Equal Money System FAQ 1 – Will Equal Money be actual Physical Money that is Printed?

In The 'Money' of an Equal Money System, Uncategorized on January 19, 2012 at 12:15 pm

WIll equal money be actual physical money that is printed – transcription

No, you see your not going to trade, equal money is not a method of trade, trade is part of profit and lose, and part of the abuse in the world where one deceive another into believing that something has got value, and then because somebody believe there is value a price is paid. In an equal money system the value is life, it’s not something you have to believe in, no your belief as to value is irrelevant. It is an intrinsic value because of the very nature of existence, that life is something that is beyond the ability of creation of the human or any other form here, therefore, has a value that must be protected and supported. Equal money will do that, and for purposes of that your identity as a particular form within an equal money system will be part of a logistic system that will make sure that you have sufficient support from birth to death, and for that you will be a card carrying citizen that will confirm your identity and that will confirm what you have already received and what you still must receive. So from the perspective of your position within the system and what you have done with what you have received, all those kind of information, that means information will be power. If you want to be in power you need to make sure your information that you give to the system is correct at all times because if your trapped that you are abusing the system, immediately, you will be sent for correctional support. That will be not like a jail, that will be with psychologist and related professionals, that will assist you with correcting that position in this world so that you can act in way that is best for all and you can be a trustworthy human being. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to be able to trust all the human that you meet knowing that you talking to a real person, and that that person values life as much as you do. Your dreams is about to come true. A new world, join us with equal money, for more frequent asked questions, go to the website or get your latest version of the equal money blog book, which is a monthly addition or the equal money books that will explain the extensive nature of all the changes that will happen to money and how our economic system, that means our eco-system, that’s what an economic system is it’s an eco-system as our eco system financially adjusts to actually support all living things animals, plants, everything included, that means in a way you can start an adventure to find out what is really on earth and from birth to death your life will become an adventure instead of fight for survival. Joins us, we are the future, do you have a future yet?


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