2011 Equal Money System FAQ 3 – Basic Income Grant

In How will an Equal Money System be Implemented? on January 20, 2012 at 6:44 am

FAQ Basic Income Grant transcription.

Within the process of EM initially we will be lobbying, because that will part of the political process for the introduction universally globally of a Basic Income Grant. That will support every human being and at this stage just the human would be involved, because this will be early stages before an EMS comes about where every human being is supported with an income in terms of housing, education, shelter, electricity, water and the ability to move around that means transport, all the basics and clothes. So every basic point, internet and so on will be covered as a basic income grant. That is not an EMS, it is a Basic Income Grant, just to restore a basic level of dignity for every human and that would be the first approach that we will be supporting and from that as humans are stabilized, they’ll be able to move out of their survival mentality and start to be able to look at the bigger picture. And then we can work at the re-education necessary to introduce an equality system globally, which will bring about what has been talked about as heaven on earth, practically, physicall Obviously a fascinating point here is if you start asking those that propose that heaven on earth will be here one day, then you better ask them how would they be magically touched by Jesus his magic staff. Will that be the way, I mean, they have no clue, they believe in fact that God will magically just do something. That’s brainwashing, by the way you are asking God to brainwash you to suddenly be part of heaven on earth. It doesn’t work that way. You are an image and likeness as a creater you have to create heaven on earth that is your responsibility, it is not a religious statement. It is in fact a practical realized statement. And if one would investigate one would see there is no other way for this to happen. And to allow the current mess and abuse to exist, is only possible by your participation, whether it is in doing something or in not doing, it doesn’t matter. It exist through participation and therefore everyone is responsible, because everyone participate. For support join us at the forums, there are regular blog books. Read them, improve your reading, improve your mathematics. So that no man may ever brainwash your brain or control your thoughts or your mind. So that you can in fact talk as one as equal about what is best for all and you will work it out for yourself. When everything in the world, is what is best for all, you are part of the all. Then your life is in fact like somebody that is walked into heaven. You’re in paradise, so shift the para-dimes, through the dice so that you can get to paradise. It is in a way pure magic, because in essence if life is the only value, everything else becomes just props. Join us.


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