2011 Equal Money System FAQ 4 – How will the basic income grant be capitalized?

In How will an Equal Money System be Implemented? on January 20, 2012 at 6:53 am

How will the basic income grant be capitalized – transcription.

Because in an equal money system you will not capitalize it, because the capital will be life, so It will have intrinsic value. And as a person is born, that value is automatically available as life – you do not have to create it, it is created already, it is existent already. In a Basic Income Grant you don’t have that, you’ll have to capitalize it because an idea exist that you have limited resources and limited money. Therefore, with the basic income grant at this stage, every country will have to decide. And I suggest that the political parties that look at basic income grant, must look at either utilizing the profit of coöperations and mining industries and cell phones, electricity, oil and stuff like that – or they must nationalize it and take all the profit and distribute it between all the people in the country as a basic income grant .
There are many options. None of them is going to be beautiful for the rich and wealthy, but as one can see with the occupy Wall Street actions, people are rather pissed off at this stage – they would like to have a piece of the pie and the pudding, but they have not yet understood the problems that is inherent in the current system. And they have not yet understood that obviously, if they want to go to a point of sharing the pudding and the pie, they will have to become more socialistic and even communistic. And those kind of points is starting to come home, and the end of capitalism is slowly but surely coming through. Which is a necessary step in a way, to bring about eventually a new world order, as Equal money , as Equality and as Oneness.

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