2011 Equal Money System FAQ 5 – How will you get everyone to agree to an Equal Money System?

In How will an Equal Money System be Implemented? on January 20, 2012 at 6:59 am


How will you get everyone to agree on an equal money system – transcription

It is an interesting question because initially you will not get everyone to agree to an equal money system. You will get half of the world that is in poverty to insist on a change democratically, and they will initially insist on a basic income grant. Once they have a basic income grant, they will push for more change, and because the elite in the world is a very small part, the changes in the world will not happen with the support of the elite. Although, we would suggest that it should come from them as a matter of forgiveness, as a matter of saying we made a mistake, we abused, we didn’t realize we did, but it is unlikely that such benevolence will come from the rich and wealthy of this world. Therefore, democratically through time there will be change as the money system collapse and as it gets out of control as you already see around the world. This out of control situation will escalate, and inevitably, the solution that will be presented by the current powers would be a basic income grant. That voice is getting stronger, and they will realize they have to give people something, but what they will be giving will not be enough. But it will be enough to prove that an equal money system is the eventual and actual answer, so therefore first basic income grant, the BIG answer, and then the biggest of all, Equal Money. Join us because you can’t stop us, we are your shadow always in the shadow of your glory, but as you well know, the meek shall inherit the earth. And we are the meek because seemingly we have no power because we have no money, but that is coming to an end. Read our blog books here.


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