Why an Equal Money System

In Why implement an Equal Money System? on February 9, 2012 at 8:58 am

The introduction post below I have taken from my introduction post on the Desteni Forum. I share this here as a start to this blog, an explanation of how and why I came to the decision that an Equal Money System is the only stable consistent solution for Humanity, to stop all this pain and suffering most experience daily within the current Money System – in some form or another. Take a look and you will see that my life was much the same as yours, I went to high school and I then had to go find a job. This was tough as I matriculated in the year that affirmative action was implemented in South Africa, which means basically, that black people were favored over white people when it comes to work. I was thus, thrown head first into survival, into this mad world where you basically live to survive. For many years I struggled with odd jobs and eventually found a job managing a horse farm earning a minimum wage. After that I moved in with a guy who wanted to take care of me financially. The catch was however, that he wanted to abuse me in return, so yet again I realized nothing is for free and that to live in this world I would have to play the money game just like everyone else.

So looking back at my Life I realized a few years ago that who I became was simply someone trying to survive, someone who had to cope in this world to be able to provide for my basic needs. Everyone is in the same position, some appear to be quite happy, but look inside yourself at all the fear that you experience daily at the thought of losing your job, losing your house, losing your life style, going without food, not being able to provide for your children or having to live on the street. All people have these fears hidden in some layer within the mind and most if asked will tell me that they are happy with the way they have to fight for survival, because it makes them feel ‘alive’. This ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate deception of humanity, the justification that we have come to accept about why billions of beings are forced into life situations everyday where they hardly have food to eat or proper care, simply because they don’t have money. Beings are thrown into categories in our society – categories we have already pre-determined and then we blame them for being there. That is ridiculous – creating a capitalist system which functions according to rich,/poor, profit/loss, have/have not – and then we justify each persons position as acceptable simply because why – we have come to accept the roles we play in the world systems because we are to afraid to say or change anything. People are so afraid of losing everything they have (which is money) – that they will defend the current Capitalists System and all the world institutions, even if it means billions of beings starve or are in abusive life situations.

Here is an excerpt taken from my introduction post which expands on the time in my life that I decided on an Equal Money System as a solution that is Best For All:

“The next question I was asked was ‘other than wanting to find my self worth in amongst all the billions of people on this planet – what else directed my decisions in every moment? I answers that money was the reason why I had to make certain decisions. I looked at my life thus far. Each decision was calculated according to whether it provided me with money and if I had enough money for the month then I would pursue my hobbies like spirituality and horse riding which allowed me to feel powerful, special, at-one-with-myself. This was all based on the energy experience I would have while participating in my world. Nothing more. The rest of the time was again spent working for enough money to survive. I was fortunate enough at least to be able to make some money from my ‘esoteric personality’ – LOL – most people end up having to work in the system and never doing what they would like to – therefore I was grateful that I could do what I enjoyed by doing Kinesiology on people and animals. The next question was asked – how would your life have been different if you had enough money from birth to take care of all your needs – thus allowing you to fully live and express and not be dependent on anyone for survival? Wow – I placed myself in this situation and it was awesome. I would now be a completely different person and would not have made most of the decisions I had. I am now 32 and have spent most of my life abusing myself for self worth and money and have spent the last 4 years working through all the layers, just to start getting to a point of walking here in the physical, breathing.

Then we discussed – would it be possible for each human to have these life experiences you saw – if life was not about survival, but instead about living? I looked at an Equal World System, based on the principles of what is best for all – where from birth each is given an equal amount of money which provides one throughout your life with all that you require for a dignified life. Imagine that – in time all corruption and greed will have to stop because capitalism as the gaining of profit for wealth will no longer exists. The majority will stand up and decide that they have had enough of repeating the cycles of the past where we accept a capitalist system which abuses all life just so that some may become rich. It has taken us this long to create the capitalist system because at the time everyone agreed. If everyone sees eventually for themselves that there is no choice but to do what is best for all, as a decision to do what is best for self – then we will have to change the world system we have placed thus far – where we simply allowed greed to direct us.

This is why I stand for an Equal Money System. I have seen within my own direct experience of living and working in an equality based community – what is possible. I have firstly made the decision to no longer accept and allow self abuse and to take self responsibility for my world as myself. Within this I realized that I had to look at all the decisions I have made to see what they were based on. And fascinatingly enough – each decision I have made was not based on my deciding it – it was based on programming from when I was a child to survive. Each decision I have made from the religion I chose, the relationships and friendships I chose, the values I held, my beliefs, – all of it existed as part of my personality to simply survive in this world where we compete with money or the idea of ‘self worth’. Change that within yourself as the definitions you allow based on the approval to be human and then you see that none of your decisions were real. Everything I did was ‘not real’ because it was based on wanting to be accepted in this world simply to survive. Look here – either you have money to live, or you have to slot yourself in with what others with money want of you – whereby you will receive money from the system. It is that simple – the system functions on money therefore to survive you have to do what generates money or you have to please those who have money who support you by being someone that makes them feel in control of their lives. The cycle of money is tied in with self worth because everything costs money and self worth is created as an idea of ‘things you have to have and do and be’ within the system.

This is the cycle we exits in and we call this ‘being human’ – I find this unacceptable for the world – because I was taken from this cycle and shown what is possible. Therefore I do not just speak about an Equal Money System or Equality Based World System – as if it is a new ‘fad’ for me – I am living this – and in my research I use basic equations – whereby I see if an ‘idea’ of what is possible – can in fact be implemented for all Equally. This will not be easy – however observe the following: we have been living and creating the current system which functions according to: a system which requires the movement of money and forces each one to survive. Therefore currently we all LIVE to survive. With an Equal Money System we say let us change the system to the ‘opposite’ one could say which is: ‘A system which supports all LIFE – therefore we will Live – and work together in doing what requires to be done for us to Live.

In this blog I write about current world events and why they exist as well as looking at to what extent they will change through the implementation of an Equal Money System.


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