2012 Interesting Quotes “The System of Time”

In Interesting Quotes on February 16, 2012 at 7:03 am

Please note that the moment any one allows time to be the master, it traps all in time and this happens only when ego is so extensive in control that the being submit to it to have more peace and less stress as then they can live their lives in the faith that it will someday change—unfortunately this traps everyone else as well and then the conflicts start to emerge, as those that compress time to bring about transformation, will be the catalysts through which this peace will end and then the challenges that could have been directed will happen in ways unpredicted with much more impact and pain – do not trap yourself in time, because time knows no mercy –Be the directive principle and force time that you may be the force as life that direct life and that you do not allow time to direct life. As a bizarre analogy – Banks use time to regulate money and through this create debt that traps everyone in an endless cycle of stress and abuse and greed and competition and survival. This needs to stop as there is no life in the system of time. Time should move with the heartbeat of the physical to support life breath by breath – then we will live and stop watching flow by. Bernard Poolman

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